ART: Shea Donavan / Skateparks of Southern California in green (2015) / 18 x 18 acrylic on canvas



This is where it all started. Long before strategy and data entered our design sensibilities, we were Artists. We drew pictures. We still do.


You live your life by design. The story is how you share your inspirations with others.


“Artists use lies to tell the truth. Yes, I created a lie. But because you believed it, you found something true about yourself.”  ― Alan Moore, V for Vendetta


Global packaging for FRISKIES

Worked directly with Cultural Strategy Group to create new direction for this product. Checker liked the design comps, so they hired us to complete final packaging.

Tour de Pinon Hills, an 8' canvas. This is a digital sketch of the final painting. On the final he is wearing the GREEN jersey...of course.

Monarch has been more than a client over the years. These people are like family. I have had the good opportunity to bring back the  original butterfly and work with some amazing photographers while riding snowcats and slaying deep powder.

Assorted collateral, web site AD, promotional materials, product design, films, trade show design and strategic planning and positioning consultant. That's Laura snowboarding.

Alaskan Brewing Company, label illustration and production for Alaskan ESB

Assorted sketches for a book about traveling to water

The NERVE Brand, like much of our work that has taken place over a couple decades, Nerve transcends the traditional designer/client relationship. We have done everything possible under the sun for the founders of this company, from product design to filmmaking. We have also raced in 24hr bikes races as a team, and slept under the stars. This is a Colorado brand through and through. Assorted collateral, web site AD, promotional materials, product design, films, trade show design and strategic planning  and positioning consultant

Another day, another label. We have always liked the way this one came together. Bright and bold.

Packaging design and production

This is another long term client . We have been  written menus, designed signs and been involved in their well-earned success for many years. Their mission to give back to community was ahead of the curve in terms of marketing trends. They live it.

Growing up in Wisconsin, I often went to various pubs with my Dad. The founders of Bensons had roots in the Upper Midwest, so the friendly design, accessible old neon sign and pub menus were inspired by fish fries and corner bars.

Assorted collateral, signage and promotional materials

International FIBArk Boat Races

Assorted collateral, promotional materials and re-branding consultant / Board of Directors

Original illustrations, design and typography for The  Flathead Lake Monster Brewing Co.


Original illustrations, design and typography for The Great Northern Brewing Co.

Various logos. We are the working man's design studio. Local? International? It really doesn't matter.

If the synergy is good, we just want to solve the design challenge.

RMOC has a long history in Colorado. Re-branding the internationally renowned  adventure base allowed us to meet some legends of global paddling and whitewater world.

Assorted collateral, web site, and promotional materials

Wando Farms, Charleston, SC.

Assorted collateral and promotional materials

AHSC was a personal project. We bought the property, rebuilt the century old cabins and dug the hot spring pools.  We recently sold the business and property.

Assorted collateral, web site/reservation system and promotional materials

The Salida Citizen is an experiment in social science and new media communications. The online citizen journalism  project has given back thousands of dollars to the community and offered a forum to discuss issues outside of traditional news media. We have recently been asked to expand to other communities.

Assorted collateral, web site and promotional materials

Hammer Nutrition

Assorted collateral, packaging and promotional materials.

Don't Go Nuts & Pinto Barn

Assorted collateral, web design, film and photography, packaging and promotional materials.

Licked By An Angel. We created this app as a way to raise money for animal shelters. We are relaunching version 2.0 right now. Go Nuts & Pinto Barn

On Apple App Store

Ongoing illustration project with handmade type

Digital sketches for paintings.



This is our design studio, located in Colorado's largest historic district. We recently sold the space. The project had a hidden bar behind a wall, rooftop deck and glass conference room.

Handmade steel and iron adornments throughout. This project allowed us to have fun with every touchpoint. The design story, all true, revolves around founder and head mechanic Anton Van Lueken, a Dutch bike racer with a long history as a local wrencher, and the son of xyxling imigrants in upstate New York. The shop needed to  quickly establish itself as a  classic shop that had existed for many years.

...aaah, the holidays.

"If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance."


-George Bernard Shaw

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