"There‚Äôs nothing creative about living within your means."  - Francis Ford Coppola


The Master Plan

The Dangerous Circus is a strategically-minded New Media Design Studio specializing in cultural branding. it is also an ethos that has driven our adventures for over 25 years.

While maintaining a roster of commercial and non-profit clients, our primary effort is to leverage the design studio to develop entrepreneurial ventures. The goal has always been to have more time to create art with our friends and family, help others, and travel the world.


The Dangerous Circus has taken us scuba diving with a Cuban freedom fighter in Nicaragua, and snowboard by helicopter into the Alaskan backcountry. It has allowed us to work with some of the best marketing minds on the planet, attend international Toy conferences and live in spectacular places.


The design studio has given our two boys a high-octane taste of how to push life's limits, and hopefully ruined them for any chance of a life called normal.


As we celebrate our 25th year in marriage and business, we encourage you to reach out. We'll help you get from one place to another. This is not your average new media design studio. We will push you. We are often content, but never satisfied.


This is the Dangerous Circus.


"If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance."


-George Bernard Shaw

10403 W. Cherokee  Salida, CO  81201    719.539.0177

bill@dangerouscircus.com & laura@dogsonicdesign.com